All about Satori

Satori is the horse I ride at lessons. He is a NZ Thoroughbred and has been in the olympics.He is 16 years old. His height is 16.2. His color is grey.  He is great at hunter/jumper and is currently lame. He is GREAT on the jumps and is a great horse. He is NOT For sale. He is a great horse for all riders and has no difficulties. He is smooth and has a long trot. These are his accomplishments with his previous owner. Accomplishments:  1st place- Pine Top Thanksgiving 2005- JR. Training  2nd place- Poplar Place Nov 2005- JR. Training  2nd place Ft. Rucker HT- Open Preliminary  5th place- Poplar Place Feb HT, Pine Top Feb HT, Fence HT in 2006- JR/YR Preliminary.  top placed YR combination at Poplar Place CIC* 2006  Completed Florida CCI* in 2006 with no XC penalty.   Choosen for Area III NAYRC CCI* Championship Team 2006.  2nd Place Punhui CCI** in NZ in 2002 with previous owner.